Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to try and answer any questions you may have about our dojo, or Niseido Ju Jitsu. Chances are, however, that we've already been asked it.
Here is a list of the questions we get most often.

We enjoy getting questions, so please ask us anything.   Without questions, one can not be sure whether Niseido Ju Jitsu and, more importantly, Louisville Ju Jitsu is the right school for you.   So ask away !     However, there are many questions that are asked over and over.   Below is a compliation of the questions we're most frenquently asked.    If you don't find your particular question below .... by all means, let us know and ask away.    We're here to help you find the right martial arts school that meets your needs.


I’m interesting in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and grappling, does your school do that?

Grappling is an integral part of Niseido® Ju Jitsu, and we have a dojo in Talkeetna, AK, that does specialize in MMA, however Louisville Ju Jitsu is not an MMA school. Let’s face it….concrete hurts and there are very few cages on the street to use the tactics taught in MMA. Niseido® Ju Jitsu is primarily a self defense system that teaches you how to protect yourself and your family in real-world situations. This involves knowing what to do if you have to “go to the ground” but we are not a grappling-oriented art. There are several good MMA schools in the Louisville area, and we happily encourage you to seek those schools out if your primary interest is cage fighting. We enjoy MMA and respect its practitioners….it’s just not what we do.

I’m looking for an art for my son/daughter, do you teach kids?

Niseido® Ju Jitsu is a system of self-defense. The techniques taught are dangerous at the hands of the untrained/undisciplined, therefore (unlike Tae Kwon Do, karate or Judo) young children are currently not accepted as students. Special provisions and waivers can be made for children 13 years old, but the criteria is strict. If you think your child has the special qualities that it takes to study Niseido®, please contact the instructor here. Since we believe in the power of martial arts training for young and old alike, we are happy to work with you to find a good program for your child, so feel free to call and we'll help steer you in a direction we hope would be benficial.

What do you mean by “traditional” jujitsu?

Niseido® Ju Jitsu is an organized martial system. In other words, we teach a curriculum that is rank specific. Our students do not just come in and “work out” or train haphazardly. Niseido® is organized so that specific techniques are taught at each rank. Each rank serves as the foundations of more advanced techniques learned as you move up in skill and rank. We follow traditional Japanese-style ettiquete and dojo proceedures with an emphasis on modern self-defense. Rather than the sword, bo staff, etc., we train to defend against weapons such as pistols, knives, sticks, baseball bats, etc. (weapons you are likely to encounter in today’s society).


Do I have wear a uniform?  Do you guys do any no-gi?

As previously mentioned, Niseido® Ju Jitsu is a traditional martial system. As such, students are required to wear traditional Judo Gi’s (uniforms). Gis must be white and free from any patches or insignia (other than manufacturer’s labels). New students can wear comfortable clothing while awaiting a gi to be delivered and prospective students can wear comfortable clothing during their trial period, but gis are required for long-term study.   At times, we will have a "no-gi" class to get used to defending ourselves against a person in street clothes, but for the most part, gis are worn and required to participate in Niseido Ju Jitsu.


I used to train in Judo (or Brazilian Jiujitsu) and have a blue gi, can I wear that?

Sorry. While it is common practice in judo/Brazillian jiujitsu to wear blue gis, colored uniforms are reserved for only the highest ranking instructors within the Niseido® Ju Jitsu system. Fifth-degree black belts are allowed to wear black gis if they so choose, but only Professors (sixth-degree and above) are allowed to wear blue gis.


Do I have to learn a bunch of funky names of techniques?

Yes. You do not need to know how to read Japanese, or be fluent in the language, but like other traditional martial arts (Judo, Karate, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do) almost every technique you learn has a traditional Japanese name that students are required to know and remember. This keeps with the traditional values we adhere to in Niseido® Ju Jitsu. Trust us, it’s really no big deal.


I hold (insert rank here) in (insert name of martial art here), will Niseido® recognize my rank?

More than likely your previous training will give you an advantage as you begin your journey through Niseido®. However, it is federation policy not to “trade” ranks with other arts. You will probably find subtle, but important differences in the way Niseido® techniques are applied than from your previous art and we ask that you enter our dojos with a beginner’s mind. This starts by donning the white belt as a sign of "MAKOTO" Sincerity: Honesty, Genuineness, Truth of heart, Mind and Spirit." * Students who have achieved the rank of Black Belt in a legitimate, recognized martial art may be allowed to wear their black belts at some federation gatherings. Your instructor will fill you in on those details when the time comes.


Do you give self defense lessons?

Yes. On occasion members of the Lousiville Ju Jitsu club will conduct a one-day basic self defense seminar depending on the audience or group. It is important to note however, that these courses are NOT designed to make you an expert, nor are they designed to take the place of regular, good old fashion hard work and dedication. That said, you can pick up a great deal of knowledge in one day that could potentially save your life. We are happy to discuss this with you further. Please e-mail the instructor here.


How long does it take to make Black Belt in Niseido® Ju Jitsu

For some, it may take a lifetime. For one who would ask, NEVER!”This is our standard answer to that question. By way of explaniation, if you are primarily interested in achieving a particular rank, you should probably seek instruction elsewhere…we are NOT a belt factory. We are looking for students who seek knowledge, not rank.


I don’t necessarily want to learn a system or art, I just want to learn how to fight !!!!

That's easy. Find the nearest police officer and turn yourself in. You're probably headed for jail anyway.

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